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Free Website Safety & Security Check

A Free Website Security Check Tool to scan and check the safety of public facing websites. Checking over 60 databases from companies such as Google, Comodo, Opera, Securi and more. This tool can help decide if the website is safe to visit and share information with. No website is 100% safe so we recommend you always use caution when sharing sensitive information.

Website Security Partners

Virus/Malware Detection

We check with leading Antivirus and Malware Detection software and systems, including Comodo and Google. Cross check with Signature databases for web-content checking and custom signatures for the tricky hard to detect Malware.

Browser Clone Engine

Complete website scanning using popular browser clones with all top plugins including Flash. Detection for ActiveX attacks and Buffer Overflow. Algorithms for Exploit Packs and redirection malware detection.

Spammer Server or Domain

Checking Server IPs and Domain Names against various spammer databases. Do they have a history of spamming, or are they actively sending spam email now.

Blacklist Check

Blacklist check with multiple sources including Google Safe Browsing and other Phishing Tools and Databases. Check for linked connections found on the site for any matches in Partnered Blacklist Databases. Multiple Source Phishing detection.

SSL Checking

Detection if a sites SSL Certificate is expired or expiring soon, Detailed certificate analysis, Validation checking. Is the server using good security practices and configurations. Are there any Vulnerabilities currently present on the server.


Create a free account to keep a recent history of your scanned websites. We also have reporting tools to get notified on any positive matches found.