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SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) secure all information transmitted between your website and your customers. Providing individual users and small businesses with the same methods of SSL encryption that banks, governments, and military use.

Every time that information protected by an SSL certificate is transmitted online, it gets secured using 256-bit encryption or higher, which would - even just hypothetically - take millions of years to crack by brute force. Also known as TLS (Transport Layer Security), it is the safest way to ensure the validity and reliability of all data sent and received by your website visitors. Secure connections that use an SSL certificate are safe connections.

Comodo Sectigo GeoTrust DigiCert Thawte RapidSSL

Single-Domain Security - Faster, Easier, and Cheaper

A Domain Validated SSL Certificate is the most widely available and quickest to obtain. It is available for individuals, businesses, sole traders, and private customers. There's absolutely no paperwork involved, you can be up and running with a fully secure 256-bit encrypted website within mere minutes.

SSL certificates in this category are designed to be cheap and remarkably easy and fast to implement. They're an amazing choice for small-time users and will prove to be more than enough for individual websites and small businesses.

No matter which SSL Certificate Authority you choose, you're getting a stellar security package across the board.

View all Standard Certs
ProductLowest PriceIssuance Time 
Comodo PositiveSSL$5.20 / yr
$170 Saved
5-15 minutes
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium$33.80 / yr
$427 Saved
5-15 minutes
Thawte SSL 123$26.00 / yr
$466 Saved
5-15 minutes

Business-Domain Security - For any business, small or big

Business Validation, also known colloquially as Organisation Validation (OV), gives your website and its visitors that complete level of trust you need, with a bit extra. Your business establishment, address, and phone number will all be validated by the SSL Certificate Authority.

Business Validation is recommended for registered businesses requiring complete trust from their customers for transactions and exchange of information. Customers will be able to see your business has been validated by a 3rd party through the included site seal.

View all Business Certs
ProductLowest PriceSecures 
Comodo InstantSSL$23.19 / yr
$284 Saved
Single domain
GeoTrust True BusinessID$57.41 / yr
$665 Saved
Single domain
Thawte Web Server$58.60 / yr
$659 Saved
Single domain or Multiple domains
GeoTrust True BusinessID Flexi Multi-Domain$57.41 / yr
$665 Saved
Multiple domains

Extended Business Validation - Top security solutions at your disposal

Extended Validation

Extended Validation Certificates (EV certificate solutions) provide the highest security and increased trust. They link your company information with your domain name while displaying it to the user within the green address bar. You will be able to protect your business from other websites impersonating your brand, products and company. Everyone visiting your website will instantly know who they are dealing with.

Everyone visiting your website will instantly know who they are dealing with, substantially increasing your trustworthiness across the board. It's just a hop and a skip from that to conversion improvements, at that point. EV SSL certificates are a must-have, even if only for this reason alone.

View all EV Certs
ProductLowest PriceSecures 
Comodo PositiveSSL EV$65.80 / yr
$67 Saved
Single domain
GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV$110.03 / yr
$826 Saved
Single domain
DigiCert Extended Validation SSL$246.80 / yr
$348 Saved
Single domain or Multiple domains
Thawte Web Server EV Certificate$113.60 / yr
$808 Saved
Single domain or Multiple domains

Wildcard Validation - For unlimited subdomains

Wildcard SSL certificates get all of your subdomains verified in just one go. This effectively removes the need to make multiple purchases in order to secure all of your sites and their respective subdomains. Wildcard SSL certificates are an inexpensive and effective web server security solution that ensures your whole site is adequately protected. In addition, you’ll be able to secure any future subdomains you may need to add in the future.

Securing user data across unlimited sub-domains is only possible if you subscribe to a Wildcard SSL certificate. This ensures a secure connection and keeps your traffic encrypted in case of malicious attacks on your website. Verify ownership on your whole web server today with an SSL/TLS digital certificate of the Wildcard variety.

View all Wildcard Certs
ProductLowest PriceSecures 
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard$37.99 / yr
$406 Saved
Unlimited subdomains
Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL$115.00 / yr
$1,021 Saved
Multiple domains with Unlimited subdomains
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard$160.08 / yr
$1,716 Saved
Unlimited subdomains
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard$216.38 / yr
$2,070 Saved
Unlimited subdomains

Multi-Domain Validation - For large-scale users with high demands

Multi-Domain SSL certificates - also known as Subject Alternative Name (SAN) SSL Certificates or Unified Communication Certificates (UCC) - are built from the bottom-up to secure up to 100 separate domains all at once. SAN Certificates are often used to secure a Microsoft Exchange Server and Office Communications Servers.

Of all types of SSL certificates, verifying server identity with multiple domain names is only possible if you opt for Multi-Domain Validation solutions. Keeping multiple domains safe is a remarkably complex and time-consuming task if you use a single-domain SSL certificate for each and every one of them. This integrated digital certificate, on the other hand, will keep multiple domains safe and your user data secure.

View all Multi Domain Certs
ProductLowest PriceSecures 
Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain$14.80 / yr
$586 Saved
Multiple domains
Comodo UCC/SAN Business Exchange SSL$60.40 / yr
$838 Saved
Multiple domains
GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain (SAN/UCC)$57.41 / yr
$665 Saved
Multiple domains
Thawte Web Server Certificate$58.60 / yr
$659 Saved
Multiple domains

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

Having SSL certificates installed on your website is no longer an option in today's online world. Instead, as threats arise on a daily basis, it has grown to become a requirement. Not only do SSL certificates ensure that your customers' information is safe, but they also provide many benefits to your business online.

As a stellar example, we needn't look further than Google rankings themselves, in fact. It was back in 2014 that Google announced that they would start to use secured websites ( https:// ) as a major ranking factor in search engine results. Almost overnight, having an SSL certificate became crucial for site rankings, too.

The Internet is already massively oversaturated, and search engine optimization (SEO) is the only way to get an edge over your competitors. Investing in HTTPS to rank higher on Google Search is just another major boon of getting SSL certificates.

You will also need to secure your website if you wish to accept Credit Card payments or even just personal information from your customers. This is a requirement for any level of PCI compliance and systemic integration. No Payment Processor will accept your website if you don't attach an SSL certificate to it.

If you buy SSL certificates, over time you can also expect substantially increased conversion rates from visitors to paying customers. With comparatively just a small investment cost, getting an SSL certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority could greatly increase your sales over time.

Among other marked authority improvements, SSL certificates can also be a great benefit for a more professional line of communication via email, as well as when it comes to, say, establishing office intranet setups and the like. All of this - and more - courtesy of the Secure Sockets Layer technology, upgraded via Transport Layer Security protocols. All bundled together in any given SSL certificate.

Why you need an SSL Certificate
Money Back Guarantee

Get the Security you Need, or your Money Back!

Over the years, SSLTrust has serviced thousands of happy customers, and this shows in the reviews they leave, and in repeated purchases they make. However, we understand that you may change your mind for whatever reason. Or, perhaps, discover that you purchased the wrong SSL certificates in the first place.

This is why we offer a stellar, customer-centric money-back guarantee if you want to cancel the purchase and get a refund.

Getting your very own SSL certificate doesn't need to be a stressful and pressing experience. SSLTrust aims to deliver quite the opposite, even. Whether you need something specialized, like a Wildcard SSL certificate, or if you're simply chasing after solid, yet cheap SSL certificates, we'll be happy to help you along.

Expert SSL Installation, Customer Service and Support

Although we try to make the configuration and installation process as simple as possible, you may run into steps and procedures you may not be overly sure about. This is where our website security support crew comes in. No matter if you're running eCommerce websites, an Exchange server, or any other kind of site or web service, we can help.

As long as you've purchased your SSL/TLS digital certificates via SSLTrust, our team of experts will be available for you to reach out to. You can use email, our website live chat, or a simple phone call to request comprehensive assistance to go along with your new purchase.

Get your SSL certificate in top shape and protect your users' personal data with the help of SSLTrust. We even work directly with Certificate Authorities themselves to resolve particularly complex issues, so you know for a fact that your sensitive data will always be safe.

Let Us Help You Choose the Right SSL Certificate Today

We fully understand that choosing the right SSL certificate can be a difficult and daunting task. Even the matter of deciding on which Certificate Authority to rely on can be a massive issue for website owners that don't have the time to investigate the different types of SSL certificates, or how SSL certificates work in the first place. No matter what part of SSL certification you might be worried about, we can help, including cheap SSL certificates!

Here at SSLTrust, we not only have a massive library of useful articles, pages, and tools for you to rely on, but we also offer support services for interested parties. As long as you hope to establish an encrypted connection and need an SSL certificate - you've come to just the right place.

To begin with, here are some items you may wish to look into:

Selecting a Certificate Authority for SSLs

If you're new to the world of SSL/TLS security and don't know how to choose the right SSL certificate for the job, we're even offering a free SSL certificate trial. Get up to two months' worth of SSL/TLS security and an HTTPS web address today! Easy, fast, and very much necessary.

Secured Website

Need a specific kind of SSL certificate?

For those of you who already are in the know, you can get any sort of SSL certificate you may need by using the following links:

Even though we offer top-of-the-line support services, we also have a streamlined purchase system in place that will hook you up with your desired SSL certificate as quickly as humanly possible. Here at SSLTrust, you can find SSL certificate solutions from enterprise-grade CAs. DigiCert, GeoTrust, Thawte, Comodo, RapidSSL, and Sectigo are all at your disposal. Often at unbeatable prices, too.

We Can Help Protect Your Sensitive Information - Fast, Easy, and Cheap

The team here at SSLTrust has got expertise in virtually every area of SSL/TLS protection. We can assist in choosing the right (single) SSL certificate for the job, supply you with a free SSL certificate for a while, establish Extended Validation solutions for you, and a huge slew of other features you didn't even know you needed and/or wanted.

Encrypting Internet traffic and upgrading HTTP to HTTPS websites is easy when you know where to turn. SSLTrust works with Certification Authorities of the highest order to help protect you and all your data.

In fact, SSLTrust is built from the ground up to be a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all of your SSL/TLS needs. From the choice and implementation of a fresh SSL certificate all the way to re-issuing processes and troubleshooting. From Wildcard SSL certificates to EV SSL certificates. Quite simply, you'll find everything you need to know about a good SSL/TLS setup right here. In some cases, it may be a matter of minutes before your certificate signing request is pushed through.

Your Certificate Authority issued digital certificate could be installed and your TLS connection up and running today.

We View SSL Certificate Implementation the Right Way: As A Necessity

The importance of online security is far from understated in this day and age, yet many users still view SSL certificate purchases as optional. In the long run, getting your SSL certificate details in order can be nothing but a net positive. Both for security and for your core business.

If you choose your cheap SSL certificate right, you'll end up with an ideal combination of features and pricing. SSLTrust offers ready access to all top issuing certificate authority entities, and their purpose-built SSL/TLS solutions will fit any implementation.

You'll never have to worry about keeping multiple SSL certificate details in order, or about several expiration date instances running simultaneously. If you naeed help, or if you just want to check SSL certificates we have in store - reach out via the SSLTrust support interface, and we'll get back to you in the shortest order possible.

SSL Certificates FAQ: Your Questions - Our Answers

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and its subsequent successor, TLS (Transport Layer Security) are basically Internet security protocols that are used to establish, maintain, and secure connections between devices connected to a network. SSL is currently deprecated and replaced with contemporary TLS technology, though the umbrella term 'SSL/TLS' remains ubiquitous.

Yes. A simple question with a simple answer. SSL certificates are very much necessary in the contemporary security climate, because otherwise your valuable private data would be up for grabs on the World Wide Web. All website owners should look into an SSL implementation, if they don't already have one in place.

You can get an SSL certificate right here, via SSLTrust. Some SSL solutions can be issued virtually immediately, as soon as you confirm your ownership over the domain you need an SSL for. Others, on the other hand, may require an in-depth identity verification process conducted by Certificate Authorities themselves.

Even if you don't have an SSL certificate, your website will still work just fine. It's just that it would be fully vulnerable to any malicious entity and/or piece of software that might be trawling the Web. On top of that, Google will also warn your visitors that you have no SSL, making them more suspicious of your content.

SSL cannot work without a certificate, because the SSL/TLS technology relies on the existence and presence of certificates on a website in the first place. If you have no certificate in place, then SSL/TLS isn't working, either.

A long-term SSL/TLS solution can be free, but in that case, you're relying on a non-trusted certificate issuer that may or may not be reliable in the long run. SSLTrust recommends sticking with trusted third parties - Certificate Authorities - because they not only offer free trial versions (in some cases), but they're also remarkably affordable. Especially if you get them via SSLTrust.

HTTPS isn't quite the same thing as SSL, but the two are related. In simplest terms possible, HTTPS is a combination of the classic HTTP protocol with either SSL or TLS (i.e. TLS, in contemporary times).

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Customer Reviews

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