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Cheap SSL does not necessarily equal bad security. In this day and age, even simple and affordable solutions from Certificate Authorities offer safety on the World Wide Web. Our selection of Domain Validation SSL certificates provides most users with virtually everything they need to protect sensitive data online.

No paperwork, no complications, no fuss - it just works. SSL/TLS has never been this easy.

Using one of these trusted SSL certificate solutions, you will be able to secure a single domain name or opt for securing multiple subdomains instead. Both www and non-www versions of your domain will work. This ensures maximum security, no matter what your use case might be.

Choose the right SSL Certificate the easy way. Domain Validated SSL options may be some of the cheapest on the market, but they still feature full 256-bit encryption. Your customers and visitors will be safe using your services, and safety brings confidence.

Cheaper Domain Validated SSL Certificates
ProductLowest PriceSecuresSite SealWarrantyIssuance Time 
Comodo PositiveSSL$5.20 / yr
$170 Saved
Single domain
$10,0005-15 minutes
Comodo EssentialSSL$12.00 / yr
$260 Saved
Single domain
$10,0005-15 minutes
Sectigo SSL$29.40 / yr
$253 Saved
Single domain
$500,0005-15 minutes
Most PopularGeoTrust QuickSSL Premium$33.80 / yr
$427 Saved
Single domain
$500,0005-15 minutes
Thawte SSL 123$26.00 / yr
$466 Saved
Single domain
$500,0005-15 minutes
RapidSSL Standard$7.99 / yr
$196 Saved
Single domain
$10,0005-15 minutes
Need to Secure Unlimited Subdomains? Check out our Cheapest Wildcard SSL Certificate
Comodo Sectigo GeoTrust Thawte RapidSSL
24/7 Support
Money Back Guarantee
Unlimited Server Lisences
Issued in Minutes
Secure Website on Laptop

Do I really need an SSL?

If you want to protect your visitors and customers to the full extent of your ability - yes. Establishing a secure environment on any single domain means that you need to turn to Certificate Authorities for verification and validation of your business. We sell one of the cheapest business SSL Certificates available.

It's of utmost importance for your users' information to be kept safe from potential data breaches, and turning to Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the obvious choice. Domain Validation is an essential SSL service for all website owners and service providers. Doubly so if said website offers online transactions.

For many users, investing in multiple certificates may not be necessary. A single SSL certificate such as the ones we feature here may well be the security protocol you need.

Are Cheapest SSL Certificates Good Enough?

Not all SSL certificates are made the same, but any type of SSL encryption is better than no SSL encryption at all. Choosing between the wide variety of digital certificates on the market is a tough decision - we know - but it doesn't have to be.

For many users, the price will be the deciding factor when it comes to security solutions. The SSL certificates we offer on this page feature an almost unbeatable price-to-efficacy ratio. For as low as $5.20 per year, you could grab the Comodo Positive SSL Certificate and make use of our SSL installation service while you're at it.

SSL certificates are the way to go if you want your visitors to get a green address bar padlock when they load your page. Of course, cheap SSL certificates might not deliver all the features you'd get from, say, a high-end Wildcard Certificate, but it's still a valid option for SSL security.

What do I get with SSL/TLS protection?

The cheapest SSL Certificates on the market offer a simple authority confirmation service. The Certificate Authority issues a confirmation that you are, in fact, the owner of the website that is being validated, and then - via industry-standard encryption - forwards that confirmation to your visitors, too, via SSL/TLS. That way, they know for a fact that the website hasn't been hijacked by a malicious third party.

These SSL certificates are affordable because they can be issued quickly and easily. Naturally, this also means that lower-priced SSL certificates might not offer all the security measures you could need in the future.

Affordable SSL certificates upgrade your website with:

SecuresSingle Domain or IP
WarrantyUp-to $500,000
Key CryptographyRSA or ECC
Minimum Key Size2048-bit (RSA), 233-bit (ECC)
SSL/TLS Encryption256-bit Encryption

Depending on which Certificate Authority you end up going with, you may get some extra features, too. More on that below.

SSL Features Included

Domain Validation SSL Certificates - Who are they for?

Of course, there's no point in purchasing a specific SSL Certificate if you have no use for it. SSL certificates are purpose-built. They're designed to bolster your website's security by leveraging SSL/TLS protocols. DV SSL encryption is useful to every website owner, generally speaking.

Domain Validation SSL certificates, for example, are perfect for users who need to secure just one website. DV certificate options provide basic user data encryption. On top of that, they establish your validity with a digital certificate of authenticity.

Users are also provided with ways to show that they take web security seriously. SSL/TLS validation seals, for example, are a good way to do just that. Visitors will easily spot the Certificate Authority's site seal alongside the green address bar padlock, boosting your website's trustworthiness.

Best Cheap SSL to select

Best Cheap SSL Options on the Market

Choosing the right Certificate Authority to issue an SSL certificate for you is important. Even when it comes to particularly affordable, yet trusted SSL certificates, there's a fair bit of variety. Here at SSLTrust, we offer five competitively priced SSL certificate options for you to select from.

  • Comodo Positive SSL
  • Comodo Essential SSL
  • GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium
  • Thawte SSL 123
  • RapidSSL Certificate

All of the SSL certificates featured above make good use of SSL/TLS certificates to keep your website as safe as it possibly could be, at as low a price as possible.

It's worth pointing out that these particular offers don't cover extended validation features, and that you won't be able to use them to secure multiple domains all at once. For these use cases, we have other, more comprehensive SSL/TLS certificates in-store.

If you'd like to learn more about the DV SSL certificate options we have in store, find everything you need to know about them at the bottom of this page.

Affordable SSL Certificates FAQ

SSL certificates are relatively expensive because Certificate Authorities invest huge amounts of time and money into keeping their users safe on the web. Any given SSL certificate available via SSLTrust comes with a quality guarantee, which was only made possible through years of cutting-edge research and development.

Depending on which option you end up going with, you may have the opportunity to secure any number of domains and sub-domains. From wildcard certificate solutions all the way to EV certificates for large-scale businesses: SSLTrust has your back.

There are a variety of services on the Internet that provide free SSL certificates. Relying on SSL/TLS of this kind, however, means that you'll be stuck using lower levels of validation, and without any kind of support team to get you through manual SSL certificate updates. It's still industry-standard encryption, but you're mostly on your own when it comes to using it.

By buying proper SSL certificates from Certificate Authorities that specialize in SSL solutions, such as that of Comodo SSL, you'll have entire support teams at your disposal whenever you need them.

SSLTrust is the one-stop-shop for all your SSL certificate needs. We offer SSL certificates for virtually every use-case under the sun. From simple authority validation security solutions, all the way to comprehensive EV SSL certificates - everything important related to SSL/TLS is available right here.

The most affordable SSL certificate we recommend is Comodo SSL at just $5.20/year if you choose the 5-year plan. This is a downright unbeatable price from a well-regarded Certificate Authority, though your users won't get the green address bar while visiting your site, as they would with some other, more expensive SSL certificates.

Regardless, even with our cheapest offers, you can still secure either a single domain name or multiple sub-domains, depending on your site's layout. Multi-domain SSL certificates are generally more complex to issue and maintain, and therefore more expensive.

As of 2021, the SSL industry is more approachable than ever before. Web safety has become the norm for good reason, and making use of the available resources is a must.

The only appropriate answer is - yes. If your website handles any sort of personal information, it's time to invest in SSL/TLS for much-needed web security. Certificate details vary from one CA to the other, of course, but protecting sensitive data should be of utmost importance to you, as the service provider to a network of users.

One of the main purposes of any SSL business is not only to use SSL/TLS certificates to bolster your users' safety, but also to feature verified site seals for brand recognition. Free SSL does not immediately signal your website's security to your visitors, while something like Comodo SSL - does.

Yes. SSL/TLS is the umbrella term used to describe encryption-based Internet security protocols that Certificate Authorities issue on a daily basis. Any SSL certificate provided by said authorities will make use of (up to) 256-bit encryption to obfuscate users' private information.

Any single certificate can provide a number of security solutions to a given system. From domain validation to the generation of private key instances for each individual user - it's a surefire way to protect your web server from attacks.

This is highly unlikely, though technically not impossible. A proper SSL certificate issued by a valid Certificate Authority is almost never going to be a point of failure on your web server.

TStandard 256-bit encryption that modern SSL/TLS protocols use to keep our data safe online currently cannot be brute-forced by contemporary computer hardware. Or, rather, it would take a wildly impractical amount of time to break such an SSL certificate.

TIn the coming years, quantum computing will bring about huge changes to cutting-edge encryption, but Certificate Authorities will issue a new and up-to-date kind of SSL certificate before we're in trouble.

Though SSL and TLS might get bracketed together when talking about SSL certificate matters, the two are actually not the same. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an improved version of Secure Socket Layer (SSL), with the original SSL protocols having been superseded by newer TLS certificates. In practice, whenever someone says 'SSL certificate', they mean 'TLS certificate', though saying SSL/TLS is the simplest way to go about it.

TLS certificate solutions are, as a rule, more modern and safer than the original SSL certificate implementations were. Since TLS relies so heavily upon the infrastructure that was originally established for SSL, though, the two are tightly interwoven in most regards.

As is probably obvious, the SSL industry doesn't necessarily go out of its way to make a distinction between SSL and TLS. In layman terms, the difference is negligible, and as long as your website, mail server, store, or any other service remains protected, it doesn't really matter.

Extended Validation SSL/TLS (EV SSL) protocols are not included as part of the more affordable certificate signing request options featured on this page. Instead, EV SSL certificates prove the legal entity of the owner. In effect, they are the single highest security certification available and should be used by e-commerce websites, banks, and corporations to establish a verified company name for rapport.

If you need EV SSL certificates specifically, we have a dedicated landing page for you to learn more about them. Generally speaking, though, small-time users and website owners won't get much out of EV SSL as they don't necessarily need verified company seals.

Customer Reviews

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Comodo PositiveSSL

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $5.20 /yr

Comodo Positive SSL is an amazing entry-level SSL certificate that won't break the bank. Even the one-year subscription proves itself to be quite the deal while still offering modern 256-bit encryption for your website. Of course, users can opt either to secure multiple subdomains or focus on a single domain, instead.

This is a Domain Validated SSL certificate, which means it's easy to get and implement. Especially compared to some other SSL/TLS solutions on the market. You can get a Comodo Positive SSL certificate in a matter of minutes after requesting one. Verify your ownership of the website and you'll have a Comodo seal of quality attached in no time at all.

Comodo EssentialSSL

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $12.00 /yr

Still a very affordable option, Comodo Essential SSL is a more robust type of SSL certificate than some other Comodo SSL options on this list. It's designed for light e-commerce websites, or any other sites that might need a secure environment for online transactions and the like.

Use cases include - but are not limited to - mail servers, small webshops, and other service options. Basic encryption is a must on this level, and Comodo's service offers one of the best bang-for-the-buck deals around.

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $33.80 /yr

One of the most trusted SSL certificates on the market, GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium is a stellar entry-level SSL/TLS option for users that want all the amenities they could get in this price range.

Single-domain certificates might sound limiting at first, but users can still validate whatever sub-domains they might wish to keep safe.

256-bit encryption and quick delivery are a given with GeoTrust, as well as the fact that this SSL certificate supports virtually every web browser that's still on the market. Note that this certificate does not feature the green address bar for your visitors, however.

Thawte SSL 123

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $26.00 /yr

SSL security has never been this easy. Thawte SSL 123 is a flexible SSL security solution that can be used in an extremely wide variety of ways. Mail and FTP servers, blogs - any single domain user can profit from purchasing this SSL certificate.

Thawte SSL 123 allows you to quickly and easily secure your domain ( and and provides you with free unlimited reissues if you need them. Historically, Thawte has issued more than 1,000,000 SSL certificates worldwide since 1995, making them a household name in the web server security niche.

Though SSL 123 is not a multi-domain SSL certificate, you can still use it to validate your website domain's respective sub-domains in one go.

RapidSSL Certificate

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $7.99 /yr

RapidSSL is one of the easiest SSL certificates to use. This well-known and well-established brand has got years of experience in the deployment of digital certificates. Much like other SSL/TLS certificates in this price range, you'll be limited to implementing RapidSSL to either a single domain or multiple sub-domains with a single purchase.

The baseline RapidSSL certificate with easily secure any personal website, blog, or small-scale web store you might need an SSL certificate for. It makes good use of industry-standard 256-bit encryption to bolster your users' confidence. Show your visitors that you're taking their security and privacy seriously with the RapidSSL site seal.