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To improve web PKI and security, Certificate Authorities (CA) will no longer be issuing SSL/TLS certificates with validity periods longer than one-year starting September 1, 2020. Initiated by Apple Safari and joined by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, the new max validity period will be 398 days which is one-year plus a 33-day renewal grace period.
The shortening of certificate validity periods is nothing new. We have seen the industry go from 10-year certs to 5, 3, 2 and now 1. This is a good thing for internet users. It forces businesses and webmasters to adopt new security updates more quickly and ensures the identity of website owners is valid and up to date to avoid possible impersonations.

Any two-year SSL purchased and issued prior to September 1st will still be valid for the full two-year term. So to save on costs and having to renew again sooner, now is the best time to purchase a two-year SSL.

If your will be renewing or purchase an SSL after September 1st, this is okay. As we are working on some new and exciting features to make the renewal process easier than ever.

Author: Paul Baka
Last Modified: 19/01/2022
Tags: #News