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GeoTrust QuickSSL Wildcard Premium SSL Certificate

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard Certificates Description GeoTrust

Quickly secure your domain and all its unlimited sub-domains with this GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard SSL certificate.

Secure your server and website quickly with this low-cost SSL certificate from GeoTrust, one of the world's leading Certificate Authorities. Unlike a standard SSL certificate, this solution will secure an unlimited number of subdomains associated with your domain name right away, and without any additional configuration being needed.

Step 1 How many Years?
Step 2How many Wildcard Domains?
Wildcard Domains Secured:
$180.18 Per Year
Step 3Add on Individual Domains?
Total Individual Domains:
$35.28 Per Year
Final StepTotal Price Summary
Total Due Today: $182.70

Your Savings: $446.30
To ensure the most up-to-date security that meets the latest browser requirements, when you purchase multiple years, you'll need to re-issue your certificate (at no cost to you) once per year.
Upto 30 Days added on for Free when you renew with SSLTrust
  • Validation Type: Domain
  • Issuance: Minutes
  • Secures: Domain + sub-Domains
  • Warranty: $500,000
  • Mobile Devices: Supported
  • Site Seal: Included
  • Reissues: Unlimited & Free
  • Refund Policy: 30 Days
Free SSL Book
Selecting a multi-domain ssl

GeoTrust's SSL certificates are trusted by all major browsers, institutions, and governments. This means that their Wildcard SSL certificates can be slotted into virtually any service that requires both domain and sub-domain encryption. With our help, you can be up and secured within minutes with complete 256-bit encryption for your visitors.

The addd benefit of this Flexi SSL/TLS Certificate is the ability to add on additional domains anytime. If you are launching a new service under a completly different domain, no worries, simply reissue this Certificate and add it to the additional domains SAN list. It will now all be secured under the one Certificate. You have the choice of adding the additional domains as a wildcard, to secure unlimited sub-domains. Or as a individual domain to save on costs.

Choose a Certificate Authority You Know You Can Trust

Opting for a recognized security brand for your implementation of SSL solutions makes perfect sense, if you're looking for up-to-date security, a streamlined authentication process, and to get your SSL certificate properly implemented.

GeoTrust QuickSSL solutions offer all the pros of some of the best SSL certificates on the market, but without the usual cons, such as a prohibitively high price and complex implementation processes. This particular Wildcard SSL certificate, for example, can be set up in a matter of minutes and begin to compile aggregate data for 256-bit encryption virtually immediately.

The Wildcard SSL GeoTrust provides is a stellar option for users who need multiple subdomains under lock and key, but don't want to have to splurge on multiple SSL certificates. Instead, this is a comprehensive and cost-efficient solution with a great issuance process featuring just one certificate that can do it all. Sometimes, a Wildcard solution is really the only way to go.

Everyone can make good use of GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard SSL certificates

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard can be used by individuals, businesses, or just about anyone else to quickly secure any single domain with unlimited sub-domains at a very affordable price point. Why bother with other Wildcard certificate options sourced from other corners of the online encryption industry if you can rely on a tried-and-tested workhorse SSL/TLS certificate from GeoTrust themselves?

This single certificate could very well be everything you need to keep your entire Internet empire safe and sound. You can even set up a GeoTrust True Site Seal on your verified domain so that your visitors plainly see that they are safe and that their data is protected and encrypted. This Wildcard SSL certificate can do it all, and it's well within your grasp, too.

You can secure,,, or any sub-domain you wish: all from this single SSL certificate. With unlimited server licensing factored into the package, you can have your new SSL certificate installed on all of your servers no matter how many you have - at absolutely no extra cost.

Why waste time and money on complex multi-SSL setups?

With this Premium Wildcard SSL from GeoTrust, you can be secured sooner than ever before. The entire issuance process can be wrapped up within 10-15 minutes, as all that is required from you is proof of domain name ownership. This makes GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard the SSL certificate of choice for those who need Wildcard certification quickly and want the certificate signing request to go along smoothly.

Validation can be done via a quick email that's sent to the email address associated with the domain you're trying to secure. Clicking the link within the email will take you to the validation website for approval, which can easily be completed in under 30 seconds. Once validated, your SSL certificate will be instantly issued and ready for installation. Nice automatic authentication that's a joy to work with.

256-bit encryption on your main domain and its sub-domains

Featuring industry-standard 256-bit encryption capabilities signed by a 2048-bit root Certificate, you can rest easy knowing that all the information transferred between you and your customers is secured and encrypted. And with support for all major browsers - including mobile devices - no one will be left behind. No free SSL certificate offers such a comprehensive security suite, and the GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard certificate does it all on the cheap!

Domain Validation has never been quite as easy as it is in 2021, the Wildcard SSL GeoTrust provides can set you up with all the tools and features you could possibly need for a growing or well-established web presence.

The Wildcard SSL Certificate that will do it all

To give your visitors more trust in your brand and website GeoTrust will provide a free Site Seal for you to show on your site. Your users can click on this secure Site Seal to be shown all the pertinent domain details and the security that's in place with the certificate. Not only will they know they are safe and secured but that is protected by a $500,000 warranty.

Though most SSL certificates come with a true Site Seal nowadays, it's really the GeoTrust branding that carries the most weight here. By having a GeoTrust Site Seal, you'll always know that not only is the certificate you've put in place keeping you and your visitors safe but also that the influence of GeoTrust as a globally-respected CA extends to your website, bolstering your conversion statistics in the long run.

Reach out to our Support Team for assistance

Don't have much experience with SSL certificate solutions, but still want to get a GeoTrust SSL/TLS to get your website well and truly protected? Fret not! Just put in a support ticket and our team of web security experts will get back to you in a matter of minutes.

SSLTrust is always available for assistance with getting SSL solutions implemented onto your web servers, e-mail servers, Microsoft Windows server solutions, or any other niche use case you might have. We can even help you get the Site Seal nice and visible wherever your users go first. Reach out today and let us help you get an SSL/TLS solution in place!

Product NameGeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard Flexi
AlgorithmSHA-2 Enabled
Validation TypeDomain Ownership Validation
Issuance Time5-15 minutes
Domains Secured* +
Allows Additional Domains (SAN)Yes
Server LicensesUnlimited Server Licenses
Key CryptographyRSA or ECC
Minimum Key Size2048-bit (RSA), 233-bit (ECC)
SSL/TLS Encryption256-bit Encryption
Trust IndicatorsHTTPS Browser Padlock
Mobile & Smartphone SupportYes
Browser compatibility99%
Client OS CompatibilityHigh
Included Malware ScanNo
Includes Trust SealYes
SSL ReissuanceUnlimited and Free
Refund Policy30 Days

Very happy with the service from SSLTrust! I had to organise a code signing certificate with a hardware token. Having somewhere local made the process much smoother for verification. Support is also very quick to answer which is a great change!

6 months ago

Paul from SSLTrust came to my rescue after another supplier let me down due to horrendous support and a useless certificate. Paul took the time to understand my requirements and he held my hand through every step of the process. Now my application is code signed. It was a breeze and my confidence in the process is restored. Thank you.

9 months ago