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Sectigo Business OV SSL

The most affordable Business Sectigo SSL Certificate Sectigo

Secure your organization's website while adding an extra layer of organizational level trust and authentication.

If you are an organization operating in the 21st century, you should really consider getting an Organization Validated SSL Certificate for your website. You can now proudly display your organization’s name in the certificate along with the Dynamic Sectigo Site Secure Seal. This monumentally increases the trust and confidence of your organization as it has been successfully verified by a 3rd party of global repute. With an unlimited re-issuance and unlimited server installations policy, you are completely covered.
Upto 90 Days added on for Free
Save More When Buying Multiple Years
Total Due Today: $69.00

Your Savings: $110.00
To ensure the most up-to-date security that meets the latest browser requirements, when you purchase multiple years, you'll need to re-issue your certificate (at no cost to you) once per year.

www and non-www

Unlimited Server

Mobile Devices



Free Reissues

Sectgo Seal

Site Seal

Money Back

Free Fast Issuance SSL Provided

Get secured faster with a free SSL while you complete your business validation. Instantly provided when you complete your domain validation.

The most affordable Business Sectigo SSL Certificate

The Sectigo OV SSL comes with industry-best 256-bit encryption alongside NIST compliant 2048 and 4096 bit RSA signature keys to prevent unwanted people from spoofing your visitors. Many organizations fail to secure their website and are more prone to an attack. In the 21st century, you should atleast have an Organization Verified SSL for any business website.

The biggest advantage of the Sectigo OV SSL is that it is crafted for organizations, ensuring that your organization's name is being displayed in the certificate alongside the Sectigo Site Secure Seal. The endorsement is Organization Validated importance meaning you will be expected to go through a light business vetting which should take a few days. However, this process can be fast-tracked with having all your documents ready in advance.

The Sectigo OV SSL is accompanied with a massive warranty of $1 Million which is one of the best in the industry. You are entitled to that amount in case you or one of your customers faces losses due to a certificate security breach. Moreover, we at SSLTrust give a worry free 20-day money back guarantee, this makes sure that any doubts you might have when buying the certificate are put completely to rest.

Our aim at SSLTrust is to provide you with the best product guidance, installation services and multi-channel technical support. You can refer to a plethora of installation guides on our website or request us to do the configuration and/or installation work for you. If you have any problems during the process, our Australian based Support Team is always ready to help you. Feel free to reach out via email, our website chat system or raise a support ticket.

Product Features

The Sectigo OV SSL certificate comes with encryption that surpasses current guidelines for encryption as proposed by NIST and the CA/Browser discussion. Sectigo OV SSL encourages symmetric encryption up to 256-bit with SHA-2 with Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
The Sectigo OV SSL certificate authentication is Organization Validated, so you should go through light business vetting before issuance. You will be expected to go through a light business vetting which should take a few days. However, this process can be fast-tracked with having all your documents ready in advance.
With fraud sites on a record high, it is important to make your customers trust you. That is the reason why you get a Sectigo Dynamic Site Secure Seal with the Sectigo OV SSL. A Dynamic Seal is one where visitors would be able to click on your seal and get relevant information on the certificate unlike the generic static seals you see on other websites.
With the Sectigo OV SSL, you have a choice to show your organization’s name in the certificate. This ensures that your guests realize that you are a confirmed and genuine business and feel safe to exchange information or perform a transaction.
No, the Sectigo OV SSL does not support SAN’s (Subject Alternate Names) and has therefore no support for multiple domain names in the single certificate. If you have lots of domains and are looking to get them secure under one certificate, check out the Sectigo OV SSL Multi-Domain/UCC.
The Sectigo OV SSL can be installed on as many servers as you like.
There is no restriction on the occasions you can have your certificate reissued, in the event of a lost or stolen private key.
Here at SSLTrust, we give a worry free, 20-day money back guarantee with the Sectigo OV SSL policy to give you the option to choose what is best for your site. Ensuring that you can drop or change to the right Certificate if necessary.
All certificates from Sectigo are compatible on all major browsers and devices. Supported browsers and devices include (but are not limited to):
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 +
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.0 +
  • Mozilla 0.6 +
  • Google Chrome
  • Konqueror (KDE)
  • Netscape 4.77 +
  • Opera 6.1 +
  • Apple Safari 1.2 +
  • Camino 1.0 +
  • AOL 5 +
  • Android 1.5 +
  • iOS 1.0 +
  • Windows Phone 7 +
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 5/6
  • Blackberry 4.3.0 +
  • Microsoft Windows CE 4.0
  • Microsoft IE Pocket PC 2003
  • Microsoft IE Smartphone 2003
  • Palm OS 5.0 +
  • Netfront Browser 3.0 +
  • KDDI Openwave +
The Sectigo OV SSL certificate is supported by an industry-best $1,000,000 in warranty. Sectigo ensures that your site is never undermined through a broken certificate, however if there should be an occurrence of a certificate breach, you can have confidence that Sectigo has got you covered. The warranty will help settle any concerns you may have.
Sectgo is a veteran in the Cybersecurity space since its inception with 20+ years of experience in helping issue more than a 100M+ certificates. Sectigo dominates the market with a share of 40% while securing big, Fortune 500 companies. Sectigo has sales and support teams in over 200 countries and has helped over 700K+ businesses in securing their digital identity. Sectigo has the support of over 1200+ partners which come together in helping secure our online presence.
Putting this in easy words, you’ll be getting the exact same product as you would from buying directly, but at a much more discounted price. We are a platinum partner with Sectigo and buy SSL Certificates in large quantities therefore passing those savings to our customers. At SSLTrust, we consider ourselves not an SSL provider, rather a “Prime SSL Service”. We compensate for that by assigning our customers a dedicated SSLTrust Account Manager to help choose the right certificate, verify it and successfully install it. Also, we are easily reachable through multi-channel support and our Australian-based Support Team is always eager to help you out.
We at SSLTrust have a dedicated, Australian-based Sales team eager to help you out with your queries, whom you can reach out to through multiple channels such as email, chat or a support ticket. Sectigo and SSLTrust have a knowledge-base of written guides, videos and tutorials to help troubleshoot problems. Sectigo also has a huge forum which contains detailed solutions to common glitches. We at SSLTrust also offer SSL Installation Services to make sure that you have your website/server secured without having to manually do everything yourself.
You can secure the root domain or a sub-domain with this Certificate. The Sectigo OV SSL doesn't come with encryption for unlimited subdomains tho’. You can have a look at the Sectigo OV Wildcard SSL which does.

Certificate Specifications

Domains 1
Browser support 99%
Reissues Free and unlimited
Key length 2048 - 4096-bit
Encryption up to 256-bit
Secures +
Green address bar
UCC/SAN support
Validation Business
Issuance time 1-2 days