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A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) will be required for SSL Certificate purchases for the server where the certificate will be installed. Below you will find a collection of RapidSSL Manuals to help you generate a CSR for your server software.

ApacheView Manual
Amazon Web Service (AWS)View Manual
Mac OS X 10.3View Manual
Mac OS X 10.4View Manual
Mac OS X 10.5View Manual
Mac OS X 10.6View Manual
Mac OS X 10.7View Manual
BEA Weblogic 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0View Manual
Cisco ISEView Manual
Cisco ACS 3.2View Manual
Cisco ACS 4.2View Manual
Cisco ASA 5000View Manual
Cisco ASA 5510View Manual
Citrix Secure GatewayView Manual
Citrix Access Gateway 4.5View Manual
Citrix Access Gateway 5.0View Manual
Citrix Access Gateway 8.0View Manual
cPanel 11View Manual
WHM 11View Manual
F5 Big-IP Load Balancer9.x-10.xView Manual
F5 Big-IP Load Balancer 11View Manual
IBM HTTP ServerView Manual
IBM Websphere using command lineView Manual
IBM Websphere using IKEYMANView Manual
iPlanet 6.xView Manual
Lotus Domino 5View Manual
Lotus Domino 6.x-7.xView Manual
Lotus Domino 8.5View Manual
Microsoft IIS 5View Manual
Microsoft IIS 6View Manual
Microsoft IIS 7View Manual
Microsoft IIS 8View Manual
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003View Manual
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007View Manual
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010View Manual
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013View Manual
NginxView Manual
Novell ConsoleOneView Manual
Oracle Wallet ManagerView Manual
Plesk 10View Manual
RedHat Secure Web ServerView Manual
SonicWALL SSL-VPN 2.1View Manual
StrongholdView Manual
TomcatView Manual
ZeusView Manual

Author: Paul Baka